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The Southern Resident killer whales and Snake River salmon and steelhead will not survive this EIS study process. As a first step, the federal agencies can and need to begin breaching the four lower Snake River dams this year. As a parallel step, the agencies can use this new EIS process to undertake future actions. The federal agencies can no longer afford to drag the process out with another EIS that will take years while the salmon and orca go extinct. We have tried expensive bypass systems and more spill, and still, 2019 was another year of costly efforts to recover Snake River salmon with no results. Federal agencies need to begin the breaching of the Snake River dams this year.

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@USACEHQ has been violating the Endangered Species Act for 20 years ignoring the best action to save orcas and salmon from extinction : breaching the old and costly four lower snake river dams. We are marching for 22 days to call BS. @cnnbrk @CBCNews @BBCBreaking @TheEllenShow

Nous cherchons à rentrer en contact avec des influenceurs qui vivent au Canada ou aux USA. N’hésitez pas à envoyer un message de notre part. Voici le texte que vous pouvez leur écrire si vous devez l’écrire en anglais :

Hey 🙂 There are 72 Southern Resident Orcas left. They are starving to death and we are marching 236-miles to put pressure on the governing bodies in Washington State that are violating the Endangered Species Act. We can be hundreds of people walking, but we need a bigger voice to make sure we are heard, or we’re going to lose the orcas and the Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Can you walk with us or even just share what is happening ?

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I’m Morgane, I’m co-organizing a global movement to save the critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales in Washington and British Columbia.

We are 100 people from France, Canada and the United States marching 22 days to expose Governor Inslee, the U.S. Army Corps and Bonneville Power Administration for violating the Endangered Species Act by not breaching four obsolete dams that are driving the orcas and salmon (the orcas’ main food source) to extinction.

We truly need media coverage and this is why I wanted to connect with you. We have the support of Jason Momoa, Captain Paul Watson and American activist Jamie Margolin but we facing many lobbies and companies who are protecting these four dams so we need news organizations like yours to share what is happening.

On March 22nd, there will be protests taking place at one of the dams, London, Paris, and Montreal put global pressure on the governing bodies to take action.

Here is our media kit:

Thank you so much for your help.

With gratitude,

Manifestation à Paris et Londres le 22 mars :

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